is an autonomous equity/stock/commodity research and Portfolio Management Company dedicated to edifice the world’s best investment community. Having no in-house trading department, sales targets to achieve, or underwriting operations, our analysts provide utterly independent research. The triumph of our company is an occupation of the investment returns earned by our clients.

Our independence ensures our client’s interests are foremost.

Delivering on Client’s Faith : At InvestorsPride, we strongly believe that the most precious asset of any business organization is the trust and credibility it enjoys among its clients. Built deliberately over years, trust has to be maintained continually through unstinted commitment to quantity and quality of deliverables, and proactive responsiveness to client needs.

We try our best to recommend you the right stocks at right time on the basis of several research parameters, we are having the expertise to find out totally avoidable stocks due to n number of reasons, no matter these stocks may give handsome returns in short span of time but our belief is to totally avoid investment in sick companies.

Here we are giving brief & user understandable research minutiae:

We hunt for well-managed companies with peerless products or services whose stocks are available at good price / undervalued also unidentified by most investors (This is the reason of the undervaluation).On these companies balance sheets we do deep research since the existence of the company.
In our first phase of research - We look for the subsequent characters in the stocks of companies we advise:

  • Companies which are being run with strong positive & accountable attitude of promoters towards investors.
  • Companies that have potential to become future Multibagger/Large Cap.    
  • Companies that have the capability to generate high returns on investment employed because of the presence of a sustainable moat.
  • Can cultivate earnings at a swift pace without requiring admittance to outside capital markets
  • Being run by accountable, able, honest, and owner-oriented management.
  • Can be brought at valuations where the growth constituent of value equation comes liberated i.e. risk reward ratio is strongly in favor of investors.
  • Companies business must have equal growth potential.

After identifying right investment candidates based on above pick points our analysts work on below mentioned 7 key analytical categories as part of mandatory fundamental research:

  • Quarterly/Annual Results : It’s the most basic & vast fundamental analysis vertical under which our team does deep study of each component along with the previous result comparisons (quarterly & annual).

It’s well-known that, financial scandals and unexpected losses prove that what is ‘HIDDEN’ in the balance sheet is regularly more important that what is ‘HIGHLIGHTED’ the balance sheet. It is on the basis of only a detailed review of financial disclosures that such exposures can be revealed.

  • Company’s Business Analysis/Operations : In which sector company is doing the business, how efficient products /Services are being produced / provided. Often people used to caught up with the associated stories with the stock and they used to skip the fundamental strength of company, our analysts work hard and judge whether these stories are supported by fundamentals or not.

  • Management Quality/Corporate Governance : It’s a category where we used to categorize the management quality, accepting how an administrative team is remunerated provides imminent into its business objectives and accounting choices. We have erudite that nothing in accounting happens without a motive and understanding that motive allows us to gauge shareholder value creation and the overall quality of management. We need to review the past performance of the management in their past career if they are newly joined.

  • Cash Flow/Financial Status : Usually companies go insolvent because they run out of cash, not earnings. Our analysis spotlight on the sustainability of cash flows, not just earnings. Our belief is to always prefer cash rich companies as they have the ability to run the plans perfectly & accurately with least capital involved. So many companies are paying HUGE interest just because of this cash lacking drawback and these are not performing up to the mark.

  • Growth Plans/Investments : Analyzing what all investments company has made and how these will be beneficial in terms of earnings to share holders is also too important to invest in. Company’s expansion plans may be in the air i.e. not based on its financial strength so it’s also a component where we concentrate to judge as investment candidate.

  • Corporate Announcements : Are these based on facts or not, there are company’s several charming announcements people used to see/hear but our team does deep study on each of the same and try to find out the accomplishment abilities.

  • Share Holding Pattern : It’s also a vital parameter to know the equity holding pattern and its changing behavior on frequent basis which indicates the belief of different share holders in company’s performance.

Once our investment candidate qualifies under all the above research parameters our analysts do the detailed technical drilling which is also too vast area of research. Lastly apart from fundamental & technical research we used to focus on several environmental, political factors too before InvestorsPride final recommendation to our clients.

Investors pride's team is recommending the stocks along with following on demand modified format/information for the investors who are interested to know these basic attributes of the stocks.

InvestorsPride Recommendation Format
1. Book Value 24. Life Low Price
2. BSE Category 25. Management Quality
3. BSE Code 26. Moving Average - 20 Days
4. Buying Price 27. Moving Average - 200 Days
5. Cash In Hand 28. Moving Average - 50 Days
6. Company Sector 29. Net Current Assets Value
7. Company Website 30. Orders Sufficient Till
8. Current Bottom Line(Profit) 31. PE
9. Current Margins 32. Pledged Shares %
10. Current Market Capture 33. Promoters History
11. Current Order Book 34. Recom Date
12. Current Top Line (Sales) 35. Scrip Name
13. Dividend Yield% 36. Sector Leader Company
14. EPS 37. Sector PE
15. Exit Price 38. Secured Loan
16. Face Value 39. Share Holding Pattern (Promoters, FII, DII, Public)
17. GDR/ADR/FCCB Status 40. Stop Loss
18. Graph - 1 Year Price Move 41. Time Frame
19. Graph - 5 Year Price Move 42. Total Debt
20. Graph Since Establishment 43. Un Secured Loan
21. Growth Pattern Since Last One Year 44. Year High Price
22. Investments 45. Year Low Price
23. Life High Price    

All above information our team captures from reputed websites as,,,,,, cnbcawaaz etc.

Following are few of the recommendations our team has suggested.

Recent Performance / Return Details in Last Few Years
Scrip Recom
Peak From
Recom Price
% Return Scrip Recom
Peak From
Recom Price
% Return
HEG Ltd. 118 3144 2550 Thirumalai Chemicals 188 2440 1200
Pondy Oxides 35 779 2100 Kolte Patil Developers 80 404 400
NGL Fine Chem 11 557 4900 Rathi Bars 6 45 650
Atul Ltd 110 3084 2900 Bhageria Dye 25 904 3500
Manaksia Steels 6 54 800 Coral Laboratories 61 1190 1800
Stylam Industries 64 854 1200 Tasty Bite Eatables 200 11100 5400
Sree Rayalaseema Alkalies 7 89.9 1200 Rain Industries 65 475 600
Venkys 432 3046 600 Kanchi Karpooram Ltd 38 258 570
Goa Carbon 80 1215 1400 Manappuram Finance 11 126 1050
Jindal Worldwide 120 1308 990 Shivalik Rasayan 21 824 3800
Tata Elxsi 160 2396 1400 Nutraplus India 16 494 2987
Graphite India 65 908 1300 Vinati Organics 82 1122 1250
Shaily Engineering Plastics 52 1210 2200 Philips Carbon Black 78 1594 1900
Sensex Return since July 11, 1997 to May15, 2015 is 531% as shown below in pictorial format:
Following is the comparison of Our Average performer - Atul Ltd in comparison to BSE Sensex since last 3 Years (Aprox):

You may Google following URL to find, compare any of your portfolio scrips charts:

Following are the InvestorsPride suggested portfolio instruments for different age group persons.

  • For Younger than 30 Yrs Aged Persons
  • For 30 Yrs to 40 Yrs Aged Persons
  • For 40 Yrs to 50 Yrs Aged Persons
  • For 50 Yrs to 60 Yrs Aged Persons
  • For older than 60 Yrs Aged Persons
  • Multibagger – Super Stocks
  • Cash – Liquidity
  • Special Situation – Unforeseen Situations Backup Money Portion
  • Debt Instruments – Here in this category returns are almost Risk Free, you may go for Bonds (The main debt Indian instrument) OR other fixed returns schemes can also be opted e.g. Bank FDs, PPF, Post Office Schemes deposits etc.

Age factor is a MUST to consider while investing the hard earned money, all above categorization clearly shows as we grow older we should take limited risk.
We always recommend to our clients to have invested at least a year or more, Long term view is always the wise investment decision provided you must have chosen very strong and growing company’s stock,

Becoming grimy rich is not a dream any longer, provided you start looking at equities/stocks as fractional ownership of businesses!!! Basically we want to say here is do business of strong businesses.

Have you ever realized when your dealer/broker asks you to trade intraday and assured that you can manage a daily return of 1-2% or let’s say 20% per month by trading in equities then why did he/she him/her self not trade? Have you realized that if he/she is too sure about 20% monthly return, why did he/she him/her self not get a loan of 10 Lacs from the bank at 1% monthly interest and traded with the same for 18% net return and thus booked 180,000 each month as net profit. Have you ever asked yourself that why do 95% of the intraday, short term, momentum seeking, and F&O traders lose and why does the world’s richest persons advise you against trading? Well, if you had asked such fundamental questions and applied common sense you could have saved many Lacs that you might have lost in your greediness for swift and easy money. Now it’s time for you to introspect and find out if you are one of the above unfortunate investor who is constantly at the losing side or you are one of the smart ones who first try to get convinced with the facts and then start investing.
Have you been facing the below mentioned common troubles?
  • Your stocks are near life low valuation while markets are near life high.
  • You feel as cheated by several company owners whose company's stocks you own.
  • You traded in stocks based on your broker’s advice and have lost huge sums of money.
  • You traded in derivatives (Futures and Options) as per your own and lost your hard earned money.
  • Your broker/equity advisor/dealer keeps telling you too many stocks and does not worry to provide any further updates once you purchase.
  • You don’t find adequate time to carry out research on stocks which your own.
  • Want to invest in wealth creating Multibagger / Hidden Gems stocks but don’t know how to find them out.
  • Almost all your stop losses get fired and most of the times you don’t be able to book your profits.
  • At times you book your profits early and wait too long in case of losses.
  • You could have much richer than what you are currently just because of your trading style.
  • You are compulsive trader and result is HUGE money loss, nothing else.
  • You believe on astrologers and put your hard earned money towards their suggested stocks, but no gains you received.

All is set to change to now because if you are patient and genuinely serious about multiplying your wealth, we at InvestorsPride are more than serious about owning the responsibility of hand holding you and guiding you through wealth creation because: “InvestorsPride analysts find out / uncover the world’s most profitable and undervalued stocks before analysts on Dalal Street get their eyes on them, Now you can invest in such stocks that can twist your nest egg into a wealth provided you are patient enough”.

Over time, the outcome on your wealth can be amazing. Consider: If you invested 50 thousand rupees in large cap stocks in 1991, today you would have 50+ Lacs. Not bad. But if you had invested the same 50 thousand in high quality multibagger stocks from mid/small cap space, you would now have 1.5 crores! Well as you can observe above, that's why we sought you to be patient. The real supremacy of compounding comes with time. The earlier you start investing in right stocks, the more your money can work for you. Over a longer tenure even a difference of 2% return per annum can make a difference of 1 crore to your wealth. It is essential to understand that a good quality stock with robust fundamentals and strong growth prospects are ultimately tomorrow's large-cap stock. Being small-cap or mid-cap in nature, they are not widely tracked and researched, and are therefore not on the radar of most investors.
Let's look at some long term HUGE gains examples.

  • In 1980, if you had invested Rs. 10,000 in Wipro shares, it's current worth is, hold your gasp, Rs. 46.5 crores. Return of 46500 times in 30 years. Mind boggling, annualized return of around 43%.
  • In early 1992, if you had invested Rs. 9000 in Infosys shares, its current worth is now around Rs. 4 crores. Return of 4200 times in 18 years. An annualized return of around 55%.
  • In late 2000, if you've invested Rs.3.8 Lacs in shares of Axis Bank, its worth now is around Rs. 1.60 crores. Return of 392 times in 10 years. An annualized return of around 46%.
  • In March 2005, if you had invested Rs. 1 Lac in Butterfly Gandhimathi Appliances shares, its worth now in Jan 2013 is Rs 2.01 Crores. Return of 201 times in 8 years. Annualized return of around 94%.
  • In August 2004, if you had invested Rs. 1 Lac in Titan Industries shares, its worth in Nov 2012 was around 52 Lac. Return of 52 times in 8 years. 

How do you find these wealth creation stocks?

The answer is simple. At InvestorsPride we hunt for well-managed companies with unbeatable products or services whose stocks are undervalued or unknown by most investors, and offer the very best to you each month in our services.

**There are very few such Multibagger stocks which can give so handsome returns.